Lord Ganesha’s Anger

Lord Ganesha, revered as the remover of obstacles and the bestower of wisdom, is known for his benevolent nature. However, like any divine entity, even Lord Ganesha can be stirred to anger, particularly when he or his devotees face disrespect or harm. In this blog, we delve into the stories that illustrate Lord Ganesha’s wrath and the valuable lessons they convey.

The Story of Ganesha and Ravana

One prominent tale depicting Lord Ganesha’s anger is the encounter with Ravana, the formidable demon king of Lanka. Ravana embarked on a journey to conquer Mount Kailash, the sacred abode of Lord Shiva. Along the way, he paused at a Ganesha temple to offer his prayers. Yet, Ravana’s excessive pride and arrogance blinded him to the need for humility before the deity. He failed to bow his head in reverence to Lord Ganesha. This blatant disregard for the divine angered Lord Ganesha profoundly. In response, he cursed Ravana, foretelling that his path would be fraught with obstacles, ultimately leading to his defeat.

The Tale of Ganesha and the Mouse

Another story highlighting Lord Ganesha’s wrath revolves around a man named Balu, who visited a Ganesha temple on the day of his engagement. Unfortunately, Balu was so preoccupied with his own preparations that he neglected to offer his prayers to Lord Ganesha. This oversight angered the deity, prompting him to dispatch his mouse to teach Balu a life-altering lesson. The mischievous mouse wreaked havoc in Balu’s life, disrupting his plans and causing chaos. Balu soon realized his mistake and, humbled, sought forgiveness from Lord Ganesha. The deity, in his infinite mercy, forgave Balu, but only after he had learned the importance of reverence and devotion.

Lord Ganesha’s Wrath and Its Message

These stories emphasize that even Lord Ganesha, renowned for his benevolence, can be roused to anger when he or his devotees are disrespected or harmed. They serve as poignant reminders that all deities, including Lord Ganesha, deserve our unwavering respect and reverence.

It is crucial to understand that Lord Ganesha’s anger is never vindictive or destructive. His wrath is a means to teach valuable lessons or protect his devotees from harm. His anger serves as a guiding force, urging us to tread the path of humility and devotion.


If, at any point, one incurs the anger of Lord Ganesha, the path to redemption is clear. Sincere and heartfelt apologies, along with a plea for forgiveness, are met with the boundless compassion of the benevolent deity. Lord Ganesha’s wrath is a facet of his divine nature, meant to guide us towards a life filled with humility, devotion, and respect for the divine, embodying the true essence of the Indian way of life.

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