Lord Ganesha Favourite Colour

Lord Ganesha, the revered Hindu deity, is known for his wisdom, knowledge, and ability to remove obstacles from one’s path to success. He is also known for his vibrant and colourful persona. In this blog, we will explore Lord Ganesha’s favourite colours and delve into the symbolism and significance behind them. So, let’s unravel the vibrant world of Lord Ganesha’s preferred hues – red, yellow, and green.

The Colors of Power, Wisdom, and Growth

Red – The Colour of Power and Love

Red is a colour that exudes power, passion, and love. In the Hindu culture, it holds immense significance and is often used in various rituals and ceremonies. Lord Ganesha’s fondness for red is evident in the offerings made by his devotees during prayers and rituals. Red flowers, clothes, and sweets are commonly presented to the deity, symbolizing the love and devotion of his followers. This vibrant hue is a representation of the energy and enthusiasm associated with Lord Ganesha’s divine presence.

Yellow – The Colour of Wisdom and Knowledge

Yellow is the colour that signifies wisdom, knowledge, and new beginnings. Lord Ganesha, being the god of wisdom and knowledge, finds a special connection with this bright and cheerful hue. His preference for yellow is a testament to his role as the remover of obstacles, paving the way for new journeys and opportunities. Devotees often associate the colour yellow with the divine wisdom that Lord Ganesha imparts, making it a prominent choice in offerings and decorations during his worship.

Green – The Color of Growth and Prosperity

Green, the colour of lush forests and fertile lands, represents growth, prosperity, and fertility. Lord Ganesha, known as the harbinger of success and the remover of hindrances, shares a deep connection with the colour green. The lush greenery symbolizes the abundant blessings that he bestows upon his devotees, allowing them to prosper and flourish. In worship, green is used to signify the growth of knowledge, wealth, and overall well-being under Lord Ganesha’s divine guidance.

Lord Ganesha’s Dhoti: Red and Orange

In addition to his fondness for red, yellow, and green, Lord Ganesha is often depicted wearing a red or orange dhoti, a traditional Indian garment. This attire adds another layer of significance to the colours he favours. Red and orange are considered auspicious colours in Hinduism, symbolizing purity, spirituality, and devotion. Lord Ganesha’s choice of dhoti colour reinforces the deep-rooted spiritual connection that devotees share with him.


Lord Ganesha’s favourite colours, red, yellow, and green, hold great significance in Hindu culture and spirituality. These vibrant hues symbolize power, wisdom, and growth, aligning perfectly with his divine attributes. The use of these colours in offerings, decorations, and attire during Ganesha’s worship reflects the love, devotion, and reverence that his devotees hold for him. Lord Ganesha’s colourful persona continues to inspire and guide millions on their spiritual journeys, providing them with the strength, wisdom, and prosperity they seek.

So, the next time you offer red, yellow, or green to Lord Ganesha, remember the profound symbolism behind these colours and feel the connection with the benevolent deity who removes obstacles and showers blessings upon all who seek his divine presence.

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